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Shifting Narratives

We are a Holistic Wellbeing Hub that is committed to co-creating mental and brain health (K)new knowledge systems, innovative healing practices, and the rich tapestry of lived experiences, histories, and cultures, aiming to restore and strengthen authentic relationships and enhance community wellbeing and connections for optimal thriving.

We believe that all human beings should and can fulfill their potential and live with dignity, equality and health.

Our mission involves a multidimensional, intersectoral approach which includes the following services.

Raise Awareness and shift perceptions/narratives within communities who are trying to solve mental health and brain health challenges they currently face which includes building an ecology of knowledge systems through increased awareness and understanding of mental and brain health issues through the lens of Afrikan indigenous knowledge systems.

Act as a conduit for existing holistic practices – that currently exist in communities that are working and/or have worked, bring these into public space.

Promote Community well-being methods – Strengthen community engagement with these ideas so they can provide better community support systems to improve individual and collective psychological health.

Use decolonial Research methods – as a form of archiving knowledge and build an ecology of knowledge systems that can help in shifting narratives and inform on policy changes.

Provide Counselling and Training – Provide psychosocial services to clients and training.

Influence Healthcare Policy – Advocate for the incorporation of indigenous knowledge systems co-creating an ecology of knowledge within mental health and brain health policies and practices.

Build Capacity in the healthcare system- Enhance the skills of healthcare providers and community leaders to apply culturally sensitive methods in their work.

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