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Shifting Narratives

We are the leading think tank focused on fostering psychological well-being through collective consciousness within the context of Afrikan indigenous knowledge systems. 

We believe that all human beings should and can fulfill their potential and live with dignity, equality and health.

Our mission involves a multidimensional approach which includes the following services.

1. Counseling Services – We integrate African indigenous knowledge systems to foster psychological well-being and collective consciousness. We believe in the inherent potential of every individual to live a life of dignity, equality, and health. Our culturally sensitive approach draws on indigenous healing practices, the rich tapestry of Afrikan wisdoms towards holistic well-being, community support systems, aligning with the principles of Ma’at — promoting balance, order, peace, harmony, truth and cosmic justice in mind, body, and spirit. 

2. Research and Documentation – Research and document indigenous psychological frameworks, traditional healing practices, and community support systems. Explore the intersection of psychological well-being, spirituality, and community connections in Afrikan cultures.

3. Publications and Resources – Publish research findings in academic journals, reports, and accessible materials for the public. Create resources, including guides, toolkits, and multimedia content, to promote psychological well-being and collective consciousness.

4. Advocacy and Policy Influence – Advocate for the recognition of indigenous approaches to mental health in mainstream healthcare policies. Collaborate with mental health professionals, organizations and policymakers to influence legislation and programs that support psychological well-being.

5. Educational Programs – Co-create and develop training programs for mental health professionals, educators, and community leaders on culturally sensitive approaches to psychological well-being. Organize workshops, seminars, and conferences to raise awareness about indigenous perspectives on mental health.

6. Community Engagement – Engage with local communities, leaders, and traditional healers to understand and incorporate cultural practices that contribute to psychological well-being. Facilitate community forums and support groups to foster a sense of collective consciousness and mutual support.

7. Cultural Sensitivity and Respect – Ensure that all initiatives respect and honor the cultural diversity and nuances of Afrikan communities. Collaborate with community stakeholders to integrate indigenous practices in a culturally sensitive manner.

8. Technology and Innovation – Leverage technology for widespread dissemination of information, including online platforms, podcasts, and webinars.

9. Networking and Collaboration – Collaborate with other organizations working on mental health, well-being, and cultural preservation. Build a network of professionals, researchers, and practitioners in the field to foster collaborative initiatives.

10. Monitoring and Evaluation – Establish metrics to measure the impact of programs on psychological well-being and collective consciousness. Regularly assess community feedback, participation rates, and changes in mental health policies.

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