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Our Services

Reach out for a free 15 minute online consultation with me.

Clients are billed once at the end of the month.

Individual & Couples Counselling

We offer individual and couples’ counselling that is holistic and integrates the total person; body, mind and spirit.

Pre-teens, Adolescents & Young adults Mental health literacy workshops

Mental health is often misunderstood  entrenching stigma. We offer mental health literacy workshops as well as co-create a language and tools that are accessible, relatable and nuanced to context. The purpose for this approach is to de-stigmatize and shift narratives around mental health in young people so they are better empowered to understand themselves and easily access support as needed

Mental Health advocacy  for social justice 

We advocate for mental wellbeing for  all populations.

‘Health’, either physical or mental, is not a luxury item, something to be “afforded” when a society has generated enough “wealth” to pay for it.

Health is, instead, an ongoing positive engagement between people, communities, the environment, the state, and global community. 

Mental health is critical to the productivity, progression and holistic wellbeing of individuals and society.

You are never alone, reach out today!

We are here waiting to hear you, to see and to support you!

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